logo_pacpPACP Training Offered by PDM

Instructor-led sessions teach pipeline coding and observation detection skill-sets using best practices to enhance the quality of your inspections. When implementing an inspection coding standard at your agency (such as NASSCO’s PACP), a variety of users will be impacted.

•Organized classes that involve personnel from different departments, including engineering and administrative personnel, to learn together with field personnel.

•Train at I.T. headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or have an instructor travel to your facility. The latter can be the most cost effective method to prepare for introducing a new nassco-lacp-trainingstandard, especially with multiple personnel involved.

•As with introductory courses, we also offer refresher courses which can often be just as valuable toward succeeding with the benefits of using a coding standard.

•Client Coaching – When training on a new standard, you can supplement the class with a day (or more) of coaching. Client Coaching enhances the learning experience by providing extra time for a dedicated instructor to review and practice training concepts.

nassco-macp-trainingFor more information on PACP training, or other coding needs, contact us at  +1.515.238.0059