System Planning


System planning is one of the first steps in implementing new technologies!  Before your underground inspection management program can be effective and produce your desired results, there needs to be a clear road map and definition of goals. PDM personnel will work in sync with you to determine your objectives and put together an integrated plan that will produce progress and success!

At PDM we believe a solid foundation is the right one to build on.  This means planning your pipeline inspection program: what hardware and software you use, how it works together from the field to the office, what reports you need in the end, which integration to GIS or AMS/CMMS will best suit your needs, what compliance requirements you have to meet and more.  On top of that, we can review your resources and make time-trusted recommendations for effectively utilizing personnel, applications, and equipment!

We’ll configure your system and processes to work with your data collection needs including:

  • pipeline inspections
  • manhole inspections
  • lateral inspections
  • smoke/dye testing
  • flow monitoring

Once we have your requirements defined, we will use experience, technology and building blocks to improve your productivity!