CMMS Integration


PDM will bridge the gap between your AMS/CMMS system and inspections/operations staff!

We have extensive experience developing a strategy to fully integrate manhole, pipeline, lateral, and other underground assets into your asset management/work order applications.   We’ve worked with Hansen, Azteca Cityworks, GBA/Lucity, Maintstar, Cartegraph, RedZone and other systems to provide automated, seamless integration.

    • Scheduling and creation of work orders can be done in the office and field systems with inspection software automatically displaying work to be performed.
    • Field personnel can easily track status of inspections to be performed, inspections completed, review problem inspections, edit information, and more.
    • GIS integration gives options for users to determine where they are and easily select nearby assets to inspect, making the most of your time while already in deployed out in the field.
    • Single-click integration for field personnel makes data transfer back to the AMS/CMMS seamless.
    • Operations staff will find work orders with inspection history, associated media and reports.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can determine how to assist you with the best solution!